2 Things Every Customized Bobblehead Should Have

After stumbling across one of those custom bobblehead websites, you might be tempted to purchase one as a gift. Unfortunately, if you don't give the design process a little thought beforehand, that bobblehead might end up sitting in a junk drawer for the remainder of its existence. Here are two things every customized bobblehead should have, so that your gift will be legendary:

1: A Great Theme

Before you start customizing that bobblehead, you need to decide on a clear theme. By choosing a theme, you might be able to give your figurine a sense of purpose. For example, your bobblehead might pay homage to the good old days when you and your buddy were in college, or it might show your approval for your best friend's big life change. Here are a few things to think about to help you to decide on a theme:

  • Who: Think about who you want your bobblehead to portray. Although most bobbleheads consist of a single figurine, some versions contain a base with several moving dolls. For example, you might be able to show you, your best friend, and his new wife together.
  • What: After you know who you want to portray, think about what you want to say. For example, if you happened to be present when your best friend met his fiancée, you might choose to depict that awkward moment in full color. Also, keep in mind that some figurine bases can be customized with text. Think about creating a title for the scene and labeling the bobblehead base, so that others will understand the gift at first glance.
  • Where: Don't forget to make that setting recognizable. For example, if your friend met his girl at a football game, look for a base that looks like a stadium, and don't forget to represent your school colors. 

If you are having a hard time narrowing down a theme, talk casually with your friend about the best times you had together. You never know, that walk down memory lane might turn up more details you can include in the design.   

2: Personalized Touches

Without personalized touches, it might be hard for other people to see who or what you are trying to depict. However, by identifying and including these key elements, that bobblehead might be unmistakably familiar:

  • Jewelry: Think about including key pieces of jewelry, such as watches and necklaces. If your bobblehead features your newly engaged buddy, adding a wedding band or an engagement ring to the figurines might be an important detail to include.     
  • Hairstyles: If your friends like to change their hair, it might be hard to zero-in on a style for that figurine. To make it easier, browse through social media or cell phone pictures to hone in on their favorite looks. Try to depict hairstyles most reminiscent of their style, so that they aren't ashamed of that bobblehead.
  • Clothing Choices: Try to match your figurine's clothing to their setting. For example, if everyone is at a tailgate party, you might choose to add team jerseys or foam fingers.    

If you really want your figurine to look realistic, consider looking for a bobblehead manufacturer that utilizes 3D printing. Believe it or not, some businesses can take 180-degree scans of your head, so that your bobblehead looks exactly like the person in mind. Unfortunately, if your bobblehead sculpture depicts other people, it might be hard to get the scans made without destroying the surprise.

By creating a one-of-a-kind bobblehead for your best friend, you might be able to show how much you care, while presenting a gift everyone will remember.