A Reseller's Guide To The Diverse Landscape Of Used Office Furniture

Used office furniture reselling has become a booming business, largely fueled by economic considerations and increasing environmental consciousness. This article aims to explore the wide array of used office furniture that a reseller might carry.

Desks and Workstations

Desks form the heart of any office setting. Resellers often carry a wide assortment, from executive and computer desks to L-shaped and U-shaped ones. They may also stock workstations, typically made up of modular components, which are highly sought after for their flexibility in creating custom layouts.

Office Chairs

Office chairs come in various types to cater to different needs. Task chairs, designed for general use, ergonomic chairs that focus on comfort and posture, executive chairs for a luxe touch, and guest chairs to furnish waiting areas and meeting rooms. Stools and drafting chairs are also popular in spaces like art studios and labs.

Storage Solutions

This category covers a range of items, including filing cabinets, bookcases, and storage lockers. 

Filing cabinets are usually metal, available in vertical or lateral styles, and serve to organize documents. Bookcases come in many shapes and sizes and add an aesthetic appeal while offering functionality. Storage lockers are handy for employee belongings in large offices.

Conference Furniture

A reseller might stock large conference tables and corresponding chairs. Other items in this section could include podiums, presentation boards, or media consoles. These pieces are pivotal for meeting spaces, training rooms, and boardrooms.

Cubicles and Partitions

Used cubicles and partitions are in high demand, particularly for creating efficient, semi-private workspaces within open floor plans. They come in different heights and sizes, offering varying degrees of privacy and noise reduction.

Reception Furniture

The reception area is a business's first impression. Furniture for these areas includes reception desks, lounge seating, coffee tables, and side tables. These items, often more design-oriented, can transform a reception area into a welcoming space.

Breakroom Furniture

Used breakroom furniture, such as cafeteria tables, bistro seating, and even kitchen appliances, can be found in a reseller's inventory. These items help create a comfortable space for employees to relax and recharge.

Tech Furniture

Tech furniture is a category that's becoming increasingly prominent, reflecting the integral role of technology in modern workplaces. Resellers may carry adjustable computer stands, mobile carts, and monitor arms that provide ergonomic benefits and enhance workspace efficiency. 

Charging stations, equipped to handle multiple devices, are another popular item, promoting convenience and reducing clutter. Additionally, server racks and cabinets, essential for businesses with robust IT needs, can often be found in a reseller's inventory.

Reach out to a local used office furniture retailer to learn more.