Are You Buying Second Wedding Rings?

When you and your spouse got married, had you already given each other traditional wedding rings? Maybe you gave your bride a beautiful diamond engagement ring and a wedding band that included small diamonds as part of the design. In turn, maybe your bride gave you a handsome gold wedding band, engraved with a sentimental message on the inside. 

And, yet, maybe the beautiful rings aren't practical for your everyday life. Maybe you both work in professions where the rings might be damaged. Whatever the reason that you won't be wearing your original wedding rings, maybe you are looking for a second ring that will still proclaim to others that you are married.  From buying designer tungstens wedding rings to adding an inscription, here are some ideas that might help you.

His and Hers Designer Tungsten Wedding Rings 

Like many other folks, maybe you have always thought that it is only men who wear tungsten wedding rings. That's not the case at all. if your wife wants to save her diamond rings for special occasions, there will be designer tungsten wedding rings that are very feminine. For example, select a hot pink or an aqua blue wedding ring. 

As a guy, you might love a solid black tungsten wedding ring. Or, choose one that has a silver or gold circle around the middle of the ring or surrounding the edges of the ring. For that matter, tungsten wedding rings that have black, brown and gold as part of the design would be a good choice for matching wedding rings.

No matter the design, tungsten wedding rings are so durable that you'll have yours for so many years that they will probably be used by your kids when you are long gone. The fact that designer tungsten wedding rings are affordable is just the frosting on the cake. 

Select a Sentimental Message 

Your tungsten wedding rings can be engraved with a meaningful and sentimental message. For instance, maybe you'll select familiar words from scriptures or a line from a favorite classic song that has become your song. For instance, the Platters hit, Only You might be the inspiration for those two words to be inscribed on the inside of your tungsten wedding ring.

Think carefully about what you want the sentimental message to be. Just like the ring itself, the message will be in place for a very long time. If you're ready to get designer wedding rings, contact services like Mens Tungsten Online.