4 Ideas For Custom Graduation Stoles

Do you have a need to order some graduation stoles for a group of students and want to mix things up a bit by customizing them? Here are some great ideas about what you can do to customize your graduation stoles

Greek Letters

Fraternities and sororities are a great way for students to form a bond with each other while they are getting their education, and students often want that represented in some way at their graduation. While it is quite common to decorate the top of a graduation cap with their Greek letters, you can add a bit of class by creating custom stole with the students' Greek letters on it. Everyone will have that unified look during their graduation, and you'll easily be able to spot other people in the crowd that are part of the same sorority or fraternity. 

Sports Teams

Many students are involved in sports at some point during their education, and they can have a strong connection to the other people that were on their team. This is why it is a great idea to represent the team that they played on with a custom graduation stole. The team's logo and name can be printed on one side of the stole, and then the player's number can be printed on the opposite side. It will then give the stole that special touch that makes it meaningful to them, making it a keepsake that they'll cherish for years to come.

Special Trim

Maybe there are students that want a stole that feels a bit more premium? You can have a stole made in the appropriate school colors with a gold or silver trim around it. This makes it stand out a bit more than the typical stole, even if there is no messaging on it. This can be used for students that are graduating with certain honors so that they stand out when they cross the stage. 

Photo Design

It is possible that your students want to go all out when it comes to their customized stoles. Know that it is possible to print anything on a stole, including a photo design. It won't be a premium creation with custom embroidery, but it will feel special to those that wear it because it has imagery on it that is important to them. While it is a bit more work for you to take custom photo submissions from students, the results will feel very special.