Gentlemen, You Really Should Buy Her The Engagement Ring Of Her Dreams

Engagement rings -- the kind that glisten in the slightest ray of sun and capture everyone's attention at a party. Little girls dream of the one they'll receive from the time they're in elementary school. They talk with their friends and mothers, and browse television and print ads until they settle on the ring of their dreams. They simply cannot wait until the right man comes along and puts it on their finger.

Men, however, have a different view of engagement rings. Most see them as a wasteful purchase. Why should you have to buy her an expensive ring? You already love her and put up with her annoying habit of leaving the toilet seat down-- isn't that enough? Unfortunately, no it is not. She may love you with all of her heart, and the two of you might be perfect for one another, but refusing to buy her the ring of her dreams is a mistake from which your relationship may never recover.

The Meaning of an Engagement Ring

To you, an engagement ring might seem like a meaningless bauble, but to her, it's a sign that you're willing to indulge her fantasies. She probably knows how you feel about engagement rings. Just imaging how special she'll feel when you buy her the ring of her dreams in spite of the fact that you think it's silly. This will assure her that her feelings and cares about matter to you. She'll feel important in your eyes, and she'll be assured that she's worth the world to you. Failing to buy her the ring of her dreams, on the other hand, sends the message that, while you like her, there are limits to her worth.

When You Can't Afford the Ring of Her Dreams

Many men say that they're against expensive engagement rings because they think they're silly of wasteful, when really they're just afraid of the cost. Experts recommend spending about 3 months' salary on an engagement ring. Most people don't have that much money stashed away, and that's why loans for engagement rings are readily available.

Taking out a loan for an engagement ring is not as scary as it might seem. Since many loans use the ring as collateral (if you stop paying, the loan holder can repossess the ring) most offer low interest rates. Shop around for loans in your area by visiting a few local banks. Many jewelery stores even offer in-house lending services, so you might be able to set up the terms of the loan on the same day that you buy the ring.

Remember to be conservative with the time period over which you choose to repay your loan. You might be able to afford payments on a one-year loan now, but remember that you're about to get married and have a lot of additional expenses on the horizon. Choose a longer-term loan than you think you need, as this translates to lower payments. You can always pay the loan off in advance if you have the cash.

Some Tips for Success

Buying an engagement ring at a place like Sol's Jewelry & Loan is a big step, and it's not one you should take lightly. When you have truly found the woman of your dreams, it's the ultimate way to express your love and dedication to her. Here are a few tips to make the process as smooth as possible for the both of you:

  • Before you buy, visit a jewelery store together and have her point out rings she likes. You might be surprised -- her tastes may not be as expensive as you imagined.
  • Make sure you can exchange the ring if she's not perfectly pleased with it.
  • Take the time to shop around for financing, rather than taking the first option you find. You may find a more affordable loan through a small vendor than through a big bank.

When you truly love someone, you're willing to make their dreams your own. Indulge her dreams with the perfect ring, and she'll be eternally thankful that she has met someone willing to sweep her off of her feet.