Show It Off: 3 Ways To Display Items In Your Home

Whether they're trophies, pieces of jewelry, art, or something else entirely, you probably have a few things in your home that you'd like to display properly for company to see -- but if can be hard to figure out how to display them, especially if they don't seem to go with your home's decor at all. Your only options aren't to hang them on a wall, put them on a shelf, or throw them back into storage, however. If you're looking for a few more unorthodox ways to display your prized items in your home, then here's what you need to know.

Shadow Box

If you have five or six souvenirs from that trip to Costa Rica last summer but aren't sure how to display them without breaking them up, try investing in a shadow box from a place like Hoosier Highlander. A shadow box is a glass-covered frame that lets you set multiple items within it, forming a sort of organized collage. So if, for example, your souvenirs include a few shells, a necklace, a bit of petrified wood, and some sea glass, all those items can be displayed together without any mess -- with the added bonus of telling the story of your vacation simply by grouping them all together.

Sconce it Up

Paradoxically, the best way to show certain pieces off are by framing them with other pieces. Specifically, if there's something you want to display that would be most securely shown off by hanging it, try setting off by putting it in between two subtly decorated sconces. Ideally, the sconces should pick up a color from your item, tying them together visually so that the whole affair looks like a planned display rather than a mask (for example) between two pieces of metal. For a bigger oomph, try putting candles in the sconces that pick up a secondary color from your item as well.

Show the Spotlight

If you feel like a memento is too big or too eye-grabbing to display in your home, don't shy away from its natural magnificence -- own it by giving the piece its own spotlight. A warm light shining on a particularly nice bit of jade or a hand-carved wooden boat can help draw attention to how beautiful and incredible your piece is. When you have something that's truly special, no matter where it comes from, it should have its time to shine -- so give it the limelight it deserves and watch as people inspect your treasure with wonder and awe.