Four Ways For Your Child To Have Fun Decorating A Dollhouse

Wooden dollhouses are classic toys that stand the test of time. If your little one has a wooden dollhouse, here are some ways he or she can decorate it and have some extra fun in the process. Be sure you are available to help with these projects, and join in on the fun.

1. Create Homemade Wallpaper

One way your child can customize each room in the house is to make homemade wallpaper. Visit your local craft store and look for patterned paper with adhesive backing. This paper can be cut to fit the walls in each room, creating a custom look. Choose patterns with small patterns, such as tiny flowers or thing stripes, so the scale is correct for each room. Large patterns won't show up as well, as the pieces you cut may only have a portion of the pattern showing. Consider using solid-color paper to create trim and borders around doors and windows.

2. Make Remnant Carpeting

While at the craft store, check out the remnant fabric section. You can purchase small scraps of fabric, which can be used to make carpeting and area rugs for the dollhouse. Let your child have a little fun with the fabric choices to bring playful looks to the dollhouse. For example, faux fur, sequins, and velvet can all make great remnant rugs and carpets for the dollhouse. If you find larger pieces of fabric, save some to create matching curtains or even bedspreads for doll beds.

3. Buy Unfinished Doll Furniture

While cutting and sewing may not be appropriate for children of all ages, painting can be a great project for children of virtually all ability levels. Consider purchasing unfinished wooden furniture along with bottles of paint. Your child can create custom looks for each piece, and the paint can also be used on the dollhouse too. Choose a variety of paint colors so your child can get really creative. He or she can paint table legs one color and use another color for tabletops, and he or she can create multi-color designs for furniture going inside of children's bedrooms in the dollhouse.

4. Get Creative With Cardboard

Cardboard can be used to make homemade dollhouse furniture. You can find patterns for the furniture online, or you can let your child create his or her own custom looks. Paint can be used to finish cabinets, tables, chairs, and beds, while aluminum foil gives your little one a fun way to make faux stainless steel appliances for the kitchen. Don't forget to look for patterns to create patio furniture, grills, and other outdoor accessories as well.

Making all of the furnishings for the wooden toy dollhouse can be as much fun as playing with the finished project. You might even find that you want to play with the dollhouse after making all the decorations too.