4 Tricks For Purchasing Clothing Online

One of the challenges of purchasing clothing online is that you can't try on the clothing to see how it fits before you order the item. However, that doesn't mean that shopping for clothing online is impossible -- you just need to know how to do it.

Know What Type of Fabric You Like

When you order clothing online, you cannot touch the fabric to see if you like it. Instead, you need to know if you like how the fabric feels by looking at a description of the type of fabric. You need to know what fabric you like already.

An easy way to do this is to go through your own closet, and make a list of the types of fabrics that you like the most and the type of fabrics that you like the least. The clothing tags will let you know what fabric each piece of clothing in your closet is made of; you can also go to a clothing store and do the same thing, writing down the fabrics you like the least and best.

This will allow you to know, when you look at the description of a product, if you are likely to enjoy the product or not.

Know Your Measurements

Next, you need to know your measurements. Get out a flexible tape measure and measure your bust, waist, hips, and seams. Make sure that you take accurate measurements.

For the most accurate measurements, you can stop by a local tailor or seamstress and for a small fee they will take your measurements. That way, you'll know your measurements are correct.

Always Check the Sizing Chart

When purchasing clothing, always look at the size chart. Don't assume that because you wear a small at your favorite store, you are going to wear a small at an online retailer. Unfortunately, clothing sizes are not regulated, and what is a small one place may be a large somewhere else.

Use your measurements that you took to discover what size is best for that clothing retailer, or even for that specific piece of clothing that you are looking at. Using the sizing chart along with your measurements will help ensure that you pick the right size.

Look at the Reviews

Finally, look at the reviews. Reviewers on clothing sites are usually honest, and if you read through more than one you may see a pattern emerge. Perhaps everyone loves the item, or perhaps most people found that the item was a little tight and they wished they had ordered a size up. Use the reviews to help determine if you want to purchase the item and what size to wear. If you purchase an item, remember to leave a review yourself to help out the next person trying to determine if a piece of clothing is right for them.

If you want to successfully order clothing online, know the type of fabrics you like and know your measurements. Always check the sizing chart before ordering an item, and look at the reviews to find out how real people feel about the fit of the item. You can also contact online shops like Eve's Lair for more information.