Going On A Job Interview? How To Dress To Look Your Very Best

Are you getting ready to go on an important job interview? Landing this job may be in your best interest because it is something you would enjoy doing, the pay is great, and the benefits are excellent. Aside from practicing your interview skills by answering questions in the mirror to ensure that you are making eye contact, you should plan out your outfit ahead of time. Not sure how to dress to make the best impression while feeling confident? Consider some of the helpful tips below.

Choose a Basic Button-Down Shirt

Keep things simple with a basic button-down shirt. While your shirt does not need to have extra details on designs on it, you can choose from different colors. Soft pinks, pastel purples, and various shades of blue would look excellent, but you can keep it simple and choose a white basic button-down shirt to wear, too. These shirts are considered ideal business attire and will show anyone who is interviewing you that you know how to dress appropriately for the kind of work you will do.

Wear a Bib Statement Necklace

While it is important to dress professionally for an interview, there is a way for you to display bits of your own personality. Choose a beautiful statement bib necklace to wear on top of your button-down shirt. A bib statement necklace stands out and often has embellishments on it, such as gemstones, pearls, or even assorted beads. Some bib statement necklaces are more dramatic than others. Choose a statement necklace that is going to look good with the simple look you are trying to achieve while allowing you to express yourself and your personal style.

Decide on a Pencil Skirt or Dress Pants

When wearing a simple button-down shirt with a bib statement necklace, it is best to put on a pair of dress pants or a pencil skirt. It all depends on what you feel most comfortable wearing. If you like skirts, choose a pencil skirt in a solid color, such as navy blue, black, or gray. If you prefer wearing dress pants, choose pants in shades of gray, beige, tan, navy, or black.

Add a Blazer to Complete Your Look

As the finishing touch to your outfit, put on a blazer that matches with your pencil skirt or dress pants. It completes the look by tying all the different pieces of your outfit together, including the shirt, the bottoms, and the bib statement necklace.

If you are going on a job interview and you want to feel confident while dressing professionally, you should wear a button-down shirt, a pencil skirt or dress pants, a blazer, and a beautiful bib statement necklace. It is a simple yet sophisticated look that will show you are serious about getting the job of your dreams.