Have A Daughter Who Loves Pampering? Buy Her A Kid-Focused Spa Bath Set

If you're someone who loves unwinding in the evening with a bath and all of the accessories that come with it, don't be surprised if your daughter soon shows interest in this pastime. While there's nothing wrong with having her use your bath accessories, she might appreciate getting her own. If this idea works for you, put together a spa bath set that will allow her to have fun in the bath. Buying kid-focused items will especially be a good idea, as young girls may view adult-focused items as dull. Here are some essential items to buy your daughter.

Bath Pouf

Your daughter will have fun putting soap or body wash into a bath pouf and rubbing her body, so this will be a central item in the spa bath set that you're putting together for her. Bath poufs come in a number of different colors, but you can't go wrong with buying one that is pink or purple, depending on which color she prefers. A bath pouf is also handy for children because it promotes scrubbing, but dries quickly and won't grow mildew like a washcloth.

Scented Bubble Bath

For children, one of the best parts about soaking in a bath is filling the water with bubble bath. Being able to slide down into the bubbles and cover their bodies in bubbles can keep children entertained for a surprising length of time. Another key item for your daughter's spa bath set is a bottle of bubble bath. Bubble bath often comes in different colors, so try to find one that will match the bath pouf that you're giving her. This product can also be scented, so a fruit or bubble gum flavor is one that your daughter will likely enjoy.

Bath Toys

Depending on your daughter's age, bath toys may be relevant to buy and add to her custom spa bath set. Even if she's wanting to see a little older than she actually is by having her own bath accessories, you know your daughter best — and you may know that she'd love the idea of having some toys in the bath with her. Picking up a small selection of floating toys — perhaps even in the colors that you're focusing on — can successfully round out her spa bath set. You should be able to buy each of these items, as well as some type of container to hold them, at your local pharmacy.