Order These Custom Medals To Hand Out At The Conclusion Of Your Library's Reading Program

If you work for your local library and run the library's programming for children, one of the programs that you might oversee is one that encourages reading over the summer months. Many libraries try to encourage children to read during the months away from school, and a summer reading program gives kids a chance to read all summer long and also hope to win some prizes. While books will always make for good prizes, you should also think about getting some custom medals made up. Presenting your young readers with their medals, such as from AAA Award, can make for an exciting time for everyone. Here are some medals to consider.

Most Books Read

The goal of any summer reading program is to read as much as possible, so it's a good idea to give an award to the child who reads the most over his or her summer break. A custom medal labeled "Most Books Read," as well as the year and the name of your library, is a good medal to get made up. You can also include a book graphic on this medal, and you might want to consider getting this medal made up in gold, given the significance of the accomplishment.

Most Pages Read

While the biggest goal of your summer reading program for children might be to read as many books as possible, it's also worthwhile to recognize the child who reads the most pages. This isn't necessarily the child who has read the most books; it's possible that a child has finished fewer books, but focused on books that were a little lengthier. Your "Most Pages Read" custom medal should include this phrase and the year and the library's name, too. It could work well in silver, as it might be the second achievement for children to aim for.

Most Genres Read

Another custom medal idea will recognize the young reader who completed books in multiple genres. One of the goals of your summer reading program might be to encourage children to read different types of books, given that getting out of their comfort zone is always a good thing. A "Most Genres Read" custom medal will recognize the child who perhaps read fiction and non-fiction books, and enjoyed genres such as mystery, humor, and more. As with the other medals, this one should identify the year and the library, and it can work well in a bronze hue.