Make Your Statement With a Trucker Hat

The popularity of baseball caps began over a century ago on the field and has been evolving both on and off the field ever since. These caps initially were worn on the field in order to keep the sun out of the players' eyes. Eventually, they became popular off the field. Fans began to wear them to show support for favorite teams and their popularity grew from there.

A Brief History of the Trucker Hat

One variation of the baseball cap is the trucker hat. Trucker hats initially were used for advertising in the early 1960s. Agriculture, feed and farming companies used them to display their company names. In the next couple of decades, they rose in popularity. They were usually given away for free. These hats were ideal because they were inexpensive to make, could be adjusted to fit everyone, and displayed the company name across the front.

What is a Trucker Hat?

What makes a trucker hat a trucker hat? Most have a foam front that is slightly taller than other baseball caps. The snaps in the back make the hat easy to adjust to fit any head size. The back material of trucker hats is a plastic mesh that allows the breeze to come through and keep your head cool.

Why is it Called a Trucker Hat?

Despite the name, trucker hats weren't made for truckers to wear. In fact, truckers may prefer to not wear hats like this, as the brim can get in the way while they are driving. These hats actually got the name because they were made for the companies that truckers work for, not the trucker themselves.

Get your Message Across

Trucker hats are even more popular now than they used to be. They are used to advertise much more than agricultural companies. Other brands and companies use them to display their names. They sometimes are worn as a fashion statement. These hats are frequently used to spread political and personal messages. 

If you have a message you want to wear across your forehead, there is probably a trucker hat for you! If you can't find a hat that presents your message you can make one yourself. Since these hats are inexpensive, you can even get hats made for your like-minded friends and family. Most places that can screen print or custom make t-shirts can also personalize trucker hats. 

Whether you are wanting to display a company name, look stylish or express an opinion, a trucker hat is a fashionable and fun way to do so!