Make Your Bathtub The Focal Point Of Your Master Bathroom

Our ancestors would probably laugh at the attention we give our bathrooms. Maybe you are now designing a master bathroom that you'd be proud to show off to your friends. Are you looking for ideas that will make the bathroom extra nice? If so, consider making your bathtub the focal point of the room. Read on for some ideas that might inspire you.

Start out by deciding the theme of your bathroom. That will help you to select a bathtub that will fit the mood you want to establish.

For A Rustic Bathroom - If you love the feeling of everything natural, maybe you have decided to decorate your master bathroom in a rustic way.

  • One idea is to go with a wooden bathtub made of woods like maple, oak, or ash. 
  • A cast iron bathtub would also lend a rustic feeling to the bathroom.
  • Another choice is to select a copper bathtub. 
  • Select a bridge faucet with cross handles in a color that will complement the bathtub finish.

For A Victorian-style Bathroom - The old-fashioned feeling of a Victorian bathroom will lend a romantic look to the master bathroom.

  • Choose an antique clawfoot bathtub that has been refinished.
  • If you're not able to find the real thing, buy a reproduction clawfoot bathtub.
  • Select silver, brass, or even black for the lion paw feet.
  • A telephone style faucet with a hand shower as part of the design will be a good choice for your clawfoot bathtub.

For A Contemporary Bathroom - Maybe your entire house is decorated in a modern way. If so, you probably want the same feeling for your master bathroom.

  • A free-standing bathtub would be a very impressive focal point.
  • Choose a white bathtub for a serene contemporary look.
  • For added drama, select black for the color of your free-standing bathtub.
  • Select hardware that has straight, simple lines as the design.

For An Elegant Bathroom - Maybe you have chosen to have a formal bathroom that even includes things like a crystal chandelier as part of the design.

  • To lend elegance to your master bathroom, choose a free-standing bathtub in the shape of a calla Lilly.
  • Choose a unique gold leaf finish for the bathtub.
  • Select ornate hardware to complete the elegant look.
  • For instance, brass hardware in a flower design is one good choice. 

Once you've selected the bathtub, think of how to draw even more attention to it. For instance, set a pair of cowboy boots next to the rustic bathtub. A formal occasional chair to go next to either the elegant bathtub or the Victorian bathtub would be really pretty. Choose a modern occasional table to hold things like lotions to accompany the contemporary bathtub. For more useful information, contact a company like Universal Plumbing today.