Interested In Ice Fishing? Visit A Pawn Shop

When people experience ice fishing for the first time, they often tag along with a friend who is experienced with this outdoor winter activity. You might have a friend who loaned you their equipment and gave you some tips — perhaps to the point that you're interested in pursuing this hobby yourself. To do so, you'll need several different pieces of gear. Instead of buying this equipment brand new, see what used items are available in a pawn shop in your area. If you live in an area in which ice fishing is common, you can expect to find lots of ice fishing-related gear in local pawn shops.

Rods And Reels

It's common to find all sorts of ice fishing rods and reels at pawn shops, so you can browse what's available and buy some gear that suits your budget. Ice fishing rods are much shorter than conventional fishing rods, given that you're sitting right above the hole in the ice. You can find rods from many leading fishing manufacturers in good condition. While it's suitable to buy one reel, some ice fishing enthusiasts use two reels that are loaded with two different types of lines. When you want a heavier line, you can simply switch reels instead of replacing the line on your main reel. Given the affordability of buying used fishing gear, shopping for two reels can be ideal.


An auger is a vital piece of ice fishing gear, as it allows you to drill your hole in the ice. You don't want to show up at an ice fishing spot and have to ask someone if you can borrow their auger. It's better to own your own so that you can be self-sufficient. A lot of pawn shops carry ice augers in the winter. There are many different types of this tool, including some that you operate by hand and some that have a motor. If you own an all-terrain vehicle that you plan to take ice fishing, look for an auger that mounts to the ATV.


Pawn shops carry an extensive array of electronic items, including devices for sports such as ice fishing. An important product to shop for is a sonar device. You'll hang a sensor in your hole and then watch a screen to indicate if fish are in the area. Ice fishing enthusiasts often upgrade their sonar devices over time, so you're apt to find an older model at a reasonable price at your local pawn shop.

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