Things To Know Before You Buy Bison Leather Gloves

Buffalo leather, or bison leather, is a good choice for heavy-duty work gloves. This leather is durable and strong, and it is water-repellent when treated. Bison leather also has an appealing grain that makes it an attractive choice for apparel and accessory items—including gloves.   

If you are buying work gloves, consider bison leather, for the following reasons: 

1. Traditional Tanning

Buffalo leather is tanned differently than conventional cowhide leather. A generations-old process of tanning called 'brain tanning' is used, and this method utilizes organic parts of the animal and wood smoke to treat and tan the hide. This is a Native American practice that results in soft, sumptuous leather, ideal for making apparel.  

2. Fewer Toxins

Tanning bison leather uses none of the harsh chemicals used when tanning cowhide, so it is a greener approach, too. When tanning cowhide, ammonia is emitted into the environment, while tanning bison leather does not release pollutants and toxins. The tanning process for bison leather is eco-friendlier and more sustainable.  

3. Distinctive Hide

Buffalo hides are twice as thick as cowhide but, surprisingly, smaller in size.  Buffalo hide grain is distinctive and beautiful. It has an organic, natural appearance that creates a rustic-looking leather product.  

4. Strong and Durable

Bison leather is every bit as strong as cowhide, and it is thicker, so it makes a very warm and durable pair of gloves. The distinction is that buffalo leather has an inherent flexibility, stretch, and softness that comes from the way it is tanned—and that makes it a natural choice for apparel and small goods.  

5. Appealing Patina

Over time, leather wears and can become scratched or faded. Bison leather develops the most amazing patina with age. It becomes soft as butter and molds to the wearer. Buffalo leather is breathable and will last for years to come with routine care.  

6. Routine Care

So, speaking of routine care, leather goods must be treated to repel moisture. Always test the oil on the leather before applying it; some may make the leather more vulnerable to stains and discoloration. It is equally important to clean your bison leather products periodically, removing dirt, oils, and debris from the surface with a soft cloth or leather brush. 

Consider these six things before buying your next leather gloves—and make them bison leather. Buffalo leather is perfect for a warm and long-lasting pair of heavy-duty work gloves. 

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