Show It Off: 3 Ways To Display Items In Your Home

Whether they're trophies, pieces of jewelry, art, or something else entirely, you probably have a few things in your home that you'd like to display properly for company to see -- but if can be hard to figure out how to display them, especially if they don't seem to go with your home's decor at all. Your only options aren't to hang them on a wall, put them on a shelf, or throw them back into storage, however. [Read More]

Tips For Buying Comfortable Steel Toed Boots

If you work in the industrial or manufacturing field, then you are likely required to wear steel toed boots. These boots are a must when it comes to protecting your feet, but some people find them incredibly uncomfortable. If you find the boots uncomfortable on your feet, then keep reading to learn about some tips to choose the most comfortable steel toed boots. Buy The Right Size Many people buy boots according to their shoe size. [Read More]

The Importance Of Pawn Shop Talk: Get More Money With A Good Story

There are many factors that determine the amount of money you will be offered for a piece of jewelry when you take it to a pawn shop. This includes whether you are looking to sell the jewelry or get a loan for it, the worth of the piece, and your negotiating skills. What you might not realize is that your personal story, and how you express it, can play an important part in setting the final offer you will get for a piece of jewelry. [Read More]

2 Things Every Customized Bobblehead Should Have

After stumbling across one of those custom bobblehead websites, you might be tempted to purchase one as a gift. Unfortunately, if you don't give the design process a little thought beforehand, that bobblehead might end up sitting in a junk drawer for the remainder of its existence. Here are two things every customized bobblehead should have, so that your gift will be legendary: 1: A Great Theme Before you start customizing that bobblehead, you need to decide on a clear theme. [Read More]