2 Things Every Customized Bobblehead Should Have

After stumbling across one of those custom bobblehead websites, you might be tempted to purchase one as a gift. Unfortunately, if you don't give the design process a little thought beforehand, that bobblehead might end up sitting in a junk drawer for the remainder of its existence. Here are two things every customized bobblehead should have, so that your gift will be legendary: 1: A Great Theme Before you start customizing that bobblehead, you need to decide on a clear theme. [Read More]

Switching To E-Cigs? Here Are The Answers To Your Likely Questions

If you're starting to consider switching to electronic cigarettes from smoking tobacco, you may have a few questions about popular devices. Read on to discover the answers to those questions, so you can start smoking e-cigs as an informed, educated consumer. Do e-cigarettes contain tobacco? No, the "e-juice" used for e-cigarettes is not made from tobacco. It is typically a mixture of water, glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine. It is the nicotine in e-cigarettes that most users are after. [Read More]

Looking For A Little Spending Money? Consider Selling Your Unworn Jewelry

Unless you wear your jewelry often, it's common to have one or two pieces that live perpetually in your dresser drawer. If you need a little extra money or just want to free up some cash, you should consider selling your unworn jewelry. The process of valuing and selling it may seem daunting, but it isn't too difficult once broken down into steps. Step 1: Open Up Your Filing Cabinet [Read More]

Testing Silver Coins For Authenticity: How To Avoid Buying Counterfeit Coins

There are close to ten million coin collectors in the United States, and most of them view their collections as investments. In fact, collecting coins purely for the sake of owning precious metals is a popular specialty within the hobby, and this has contributed to a trading boom in gold and silver. However, with this rise in legitimate buying and selling, there has also been a corresponding rise in counterfeiting. Silver coins are a popular choice for novice collectors due to their accessible prices, and that has attracted counterfeiters seeking easy prey. [Read More]