4 Ideas For Custom Graduation Stoles

Do you have a need to order some graduation stoles for a group of students and want to mix things up a bit by customizing them? Here are some great ideas about what you can do to customize your graduation stoles.  Greek Letters Fraternities and sororities are a great way for students to form a bond with each other while they are getting their education, and students often want that represented in some way at their graduation. [Read More]

4 Extra Benefits Of Shopping Mall Trips

For decades, people have relied on shopping malls to find products, socialize, and spend time. Not only does the fun factor apply with every trip to a shopping center, but you can enjoy four extra benefits associated with shopping mall trips. Learn about the benefits and the positive elements that come with each trip to the mall. 1. Exercise The indoor climate and flat walking areas make a shopping mall a great location for exercise. [Read More]

Practical Tips To Implement EMF Protection In Your Family Home

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are everywhere today. They are responsible for bringing people technology like wireless Internet and cell phones upon which people heavily rely today. However, all of this technology can come at a cost to your health and that of your family. You can minimize your home and family's exposure to electromagnetic fields by using these tips for EMF protection. Keep Mobile Devices Off as Much as Possible Mobile devices rely heavily on EMFs to function properly. [Read More]

Looking For SVG?

A lot of people have delved into hobbies as they've been waiting out the pandemic. Likely you've seen literally everybody you know working on a sourdough starter, probably you know at least a couple who are making masks like... well, like everybody needs masks and they were in short supply there for a bit. Not you, know. You decided to get out your cutting machine. Whether you got something new or just took your old one out of the closet and dusted it off, you're ready to go. [Read More]