Practical Tips To Implement EMF Protection In Your Family Home

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are everywhere today. They are responsible for bringing people technology like wireless Internet and cell phones upon which people heavily rely today. However, all of this technology can come at a cost to your health and that of your family. You can minimize your home and family's exposure to electromagnetic fields by using these tips for EMF protection. Keep Mobile Devices Off as Much as Possible Mobile devices rely heavily on EMFs to function properly. [Read More]

Looking For SVG?

A lot of people have delved into hobbies as they've been waiting out the pandemic. Likely you've seen literally everybody you know working on a sourdough starter, probably you know at least a couple who are making masks like... well, like everybody needs masks and they were in short supply there for a bit. Not you, know. You decided to get out your cutting machine. Whether you got something new or just took your old one out of the closet and dusted it off, you're ready to go. [Read More]

Make Your Bathtub The Focal Point Of Your Master Bathroom

Our ancestors would probably laugh at the attention we give our bathrooms. Maybe you are now designing a master bathroom that you'd be proud to show off to your friends. Are you looking for ideas that will make the bathroom extra nice? If so, consider making your bathtub the focal point of the room. Read on for some ideas that might inspire you. Start out by deciding the theme of your bathroom. [Read More]

Make Your Statement With a Trucker Hat

The popularity of baseball caps began over a century ago on the field and has been evolving both on and off the field ever since. These caps initially were worn on the field in order to keep the sun out of the players' eyes. Eventually, they became popular off the field. Fans began to wear them to show support for favorite teams and their popularity grew from there. A Brief History of the Trucker Hat [Read More]